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What is Break Free?

Break Free is a ministry that God birth through Lady Shekelia Joyner in 2015 geared toward freeing woman from past mistakes, failures, and short comings. Lady Joyner becomes transparent and dissects her past misfortunes while sharing strategies for dealing with what in-prisoned her.

Break Free is designed to uncover the root causes that paralyze women from living in purpose and confidence. For far too long, many woman have had to laugh when hurting, lead while bleeding, and give when they were in need. This ministry is dedicated to getting God results and leading the charge to FREEDOM.

Once an individual Breaks Free from what has held them captive, they can then fly high like an eagle and LIVE with the colorful personality of a butterfly.  Break Free allows you the opportunity to come face to face with what seemingly has its foot on your peace and prosperity.  Whether it’s divorce, death, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, infidelity, education, self-esteem, illness, etc., there is hope and a solution to your problem. Break Free!!